Ashley has perfected the blend of skillful knowledge and intuitive guidance in her healing work and it is something I have experienced first hand receiving treatments from her. Until working with her, I had never had a massage therapist who was able to pinpoint every single area of stress and tension and relieve them in a way that gave a full reboot to my whole body system the way that Ashley’s treatments do. The feeling I get after receiving a treatment from her is that my body is in its most natural state of peace and ease. I am so grateful to have experienced her work and will continue to recommend her to anyone with or without chronic pain.

Grace Edmunds, Mindfulness Trainer and Yoga Teacher - Berkeley, California

Ashley's massage was a wonderful turning point for me after ten years of chronic back pain. My herniated discs and spinal stenosis made it too painful to do physical therapy or even walk for several weeks until Ashley's therapeutic massage, particularly myofascial, began my healing process. I avoided surgery, am now off medications, and back to hiking, biking, and strength training. A deep bow of gratitude, Ashley--you're a true healer with a great deal of heart.


Gail Storey, Writer - Boulder, Colorado

While I was visiting family in Colorado, I went for a 60 minute Thai Massage session with Ashley. I felt so good and had such a wonderful experience, I booked 2 hour massages for the subsequent days I was in town. The massages with Ashley were nothing short of a spiritual experience. I felt as though she helped me let things go--a sense of weights on my shoulders for many years seemed to fall away. I write this testimonial months later and am happy to report that lightness I felt in my body following our massage is still with me. I believe Ash helped me move trauma out of my body, permanently. I cannot recommend her highly enough. I'm a client for life."

Ashira Lavine, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher - Bethesda, Maryland

Ashley offers a beautiful combination of heart, rare experience and training. Her healing work is profound and real as she brings a unique sense of care and attention to each session. During my Thai massage sessions with Ashley I felt she was able to access tissues, muscle and energies that are rarely given any attention. As a professional cellist and active human I can confidently say she left me in a better physical and mental state after some of the best body work I have ever received. I feel grateful for people who put so much of themselves into what they feel passionate about and it resonates through her work. 


Sam Rae Sidwell, Musician - Santa Cruz, California

Thai massage with Ashley is a complete experience. My body feels amazing when working with her every two weeks! She blends healing herbs, hot compresses, and heart-felt skill into our sessions to help me stay clear in my own massage practice.

James Hoilman, Massage Therapist - Boulder, Colorado

When Ashley offered me Thai massage I jumped at the opportunity not knowing what to expect. I had experienced numerous fabulous massage sessions with her and was really looking forward to jumping onto the table. Suprise! No table. Instead, my massage took place on a comfy mat on the floor and it was unlike any massage I have ever experienced. Thai massage moves the whole body and uses every part to stimulate and relax and detox. Ashley was gentle yet firm as she moved expertly through the moves which awakened every part of me. Internally, all was relaxed and moved, and the movement continued through the next day. I experienced emotional as well as physical release. It was amazing. I felt completely renewed. I highly recommend this experience with Ashley.


Karuna Chapman, Raising Consciousness workshop facilitator - Santa Cruz, California

I received a massage from Ashley when I was very pregnant and uncomfortable in my body. She put me right at ease and I found I was able to relax immediately. Ashley has a healing touch and she truly puts her energy 100% into her work. Her skillful hands and knowledge of Thai massage melted my tension away. She also has a vast and intuitive knowledge of useful local herbs as medicine. On a few occasions she has created healing compresses with herbs which is an amazing and unique touch. I feel that she harnesses the sacred power of the land with her inclusion of herbal medicine in her bodywork sessions, which allowed me to feel more connected to the earth too. Overall, Ashley is a benevolent and gifted being with adept healing hands and invaluable knowledge of bodywork and the earth.

Andreanna Tera Naratatma, Mother, Teacher - Austin, Texas

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