Four Reasons Why I am saying Yes to a Raw Food Diet

I have been eating mostly raw foods for almost 2 months now. I have recently gone through difficult life experiences that have led me into unfamiliar territory and an unstable position. As someone who feels deeply and turns to food for comfort, I found myself eating more and more cooked foods, and adding snacks back into my daily routine. The result has been so obviously painful...

First, Hemorrhoids.... I almost forgot the misery that they bring until I started having extremely painful bowel movements coincidentally at the same time I was beginning to eat cooked foods again. When I go raw, they go away, its as simple as that.

Second, Yeast infections…. Before I went totally raw, I was experiencing chronic yeast infections for nearly a decade. It was when I went on a raw food, mostly fruit diet that my yeast infection issue, just sort of, went away. Yes, that’s right I said HIGH-FRUIT… all those out there suffering from Candida, don’t shy away from fruit, it is literally the only food that has “saved” me from several years of systemic candida hell. Fruits are simple sugars that do not need to be broken down by the body and are assimilated immediately into pure energy. Unlike sweets or carbs which are complex and take energy for the body to break down.

Thrid, Skin breakouts… The more cooked foods I eat, the more my skin breaks out. The toxic build-up just becomes too much. The acidic environment in my body becomes a place where toxins thrive, my lymph becomes more congested and without proper kidney filtration, all the toxins start to pour out through the skin.

Fourth, Depression, Lethargy, and Congestion… I ate a dish of vegetable curry for dinner last night. To be honest, I thought 'this is a healthy meal (and the weather is cold), so this is going to be good for me.' It was the first cooked meal I had eaten in days and while the ingredients were healthy and simple: fresh garden vegetables, coconut milk and some spices and herbs… The results were less than desirable. First, I overate...something I never do when eating a raw food diet. Immediately after eating I was bloated and had that “pregnant look” that I haven’t experienced in quite a while. I awoke this morning with more congestion than I have experienced in weeks...and come to think of it, I used to wake up this congested all the time, when I ate cooked food. My eyes were mucousy, my throat scratchy, my belly bloated and my sinuses were clogged. I also felt depressed, tired and unable to get out of bed. Needless to say, I am back on raw food today. I started with watermelon, and some of Dr. Morse’s Heal-All Tea. And later snacked on some dark grapes, which will hold me over until this evening.

I’ve experienced my physical health, my mental state, and my energy levels deteriorate rapidly as I’ve allowed myself to eat cooked foods again. It reminds me of when I first started to cut dairy and grains out of my diet.... I would go a while totally free of these foods and then I would ‘relapse’ or as some like to call it ‘cheat’... but over time it became clear through my symptomatology that the only thing I was cheating was myself. I was cheating myself out of feeling good and living vibrantly. The longer I would go without these foods, the purer my body would become and the worse the ill effects when I would introduce them back into my body.

I see the same thing happening to me now with cooked foods. As I purify, the effects of cooked food are undeniable. I believe the effects were always there, however, I was so used to feeling that congested and tired that I wasn’t aware that it was the food I was intaking each day that was the direct cause of the undesirable feelings. I can say with confidence that over the last 2 months of eating majority raw food, I have felt increases in energy levels that I have not experienced in years. I attribute the lethargy and low energy to adrenal fatigue and have now experienced the benefits of a raw food diet on my adrenals and all of my body’s systems.

I mentioned that my craving for cooked food came partly because of the cold weather that was making me feel cold throughout my body, especially in my hands and feet. I would like to add that the reason for this is that cold weather has an alkaline effect, (just as ‘cold’, raw food have an alkaline effect on the body, which we desire), and that can cause us to crave ‘hot’, acidic foods, or cooked foods. This makes sense, just as in hot, ‘acidic’ weather we desire, more cooling, raw foods, such as fruit and salads. The issue with this is as follows… most of us already have highly acidic environments in our bodies. To eat acidic and cooked foods, only exacerbates this. Also, having an alkaline environment, will over time, cause the glandular systems (especially a healthy thyroid) of the body to function more optimally and in turn the body will produce its own internal heat more naturally. This means sticking to the raw, alkaline foods as much as possible, even in colder climates, or in my case, on a cold and rainy, New England, summer day. So have faith that over time, as the body detoxifies, the glands will work more optimally and the feelings of "cold" with decrease!

If you find you have difficult with cold extremities you can exercise to get the body temperature up. Walking can work wonders and will also get the lymphatic system pumping to clear congestion.

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