I offer health and lifestyle support to my Juice Plus + customers, as well as anyone who is trying to reverse chronic illness, lose weight, or improve their health through preventative methods. This includes recommendations for diet and lifestyle habits, self-care routines, adjunct therapies, learning to read food labels, and support around which foods to add in or remove from your diet for optimal healing. I also extend invitations to my plant-based nutrition and healing seminars. 

If you need more rigorous support, such as daily meal planning, assistance with shopping, or learning how to prepare plant-based meals, I am available for this as well. Together we can determine your level of support needed and come up with an individualized plan and rate.  

Therapeutic Thai

Herbal Massage

60 minute session $105

90 minute session $150

120 minute session $200

Chi Nei Tsang

Internal Organ


Chi Nei Tsang - 65 Minute Session $125

*Recommended in a 4-week series for optimal results

Thank you for your interest and business!

I appreciate you! 

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