Bodywork with Ashley Rose      

Therapeutic Thai Massage 

Are you ready to have relief from Constant Pain? Numbness or Loss of feeling in your extremities? Limited Range of Motion in your Neck or Joints? Herniated or bulging disks and been told you need surgery? Diagnosis of sciatica, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder or carpal tunnel syndrome?

I have witnessed countless clients miraculously regain their mobility, be relieved of pain and/or tingling, and move into a place of vibrant health with consistent therapeutic bodywork. 

Consistent bodywork can propel you from pain and limitation into Greater Mobility, Flexibility & Strength, and a Life Free of Pain.



Thai Massage ​brings the Sacred into each session, moving energy through the body with dynamic movements, compressions, acupressure, passive stretches and a meditative practice of

Met​ta (Loving Kindness, Compassion and Great Friendliness). 

Traditionally done on a floor mat, Thai Massage is practiced with the client fully clothed. In these sessions I use hot Thai Herbal Packs which are filled with Traditional Thai herbs.


You benefit from the aromatherapy of the packs as they steam in the treatment room, as well as the essential oil benefits which penetrate through the clothing and skin. 


Thai Massage can be both invigorating and relaxing and is a holistic, whole body system, which addresses painful conditions, energetic blockages and allows for the expansion of Consciousness.

Together we can come up with an individualized bodywork program that will empower you to leave chronic pain in the past.


Have you been told you need surgery?


If you're feeling apprehensive about a recommendation for surgery, there is another way...

While surgery can be life-saving and miraculous it is also irreversible and in many cases, completely unnecessary. Many conditions can be healed through body therapy. 

Thai Herbal Massage 

Are you suffering from...

Carpal tunnel syndrome?

Herniated/Bulging discs?

Sciatica? Tennis elbow?

Frozen shoulder?  

Neck pain? 

Back pain?

Knee pain?


Recovering from surgery?

Numbness or loss of feeling?

Tingling or nerve pain?


A combination of Thai Healing herbs are packed into herbal compresses and steamed during all of my bodywork sessions. You receive the benefits of the aromatherapy as the herbs steam, as well as the essential oils benefits, as I massage the herbal packs onto your body. All of the herbs used are anti-inflammatory, prepare the nerves/tissue for deeper work, and help reduce soreness. They also smell wonderful and bring a nurturing presence!

I am so grateful for this therapy that is changing people's lives... Jap Sen or ‘Nerve Touch’ is a Thai Massage Modality passed down through a matriarchal lineage. It works to release and reconnect nerve pathways where they've been pinched, cut, or disturbed, and creates pathways for movement throughout the body. I’ve had success relieving the conditions listed, using this modality. This amazing work is a gift for me to share. 


Chi Nei Tsang 

Internal Organ Massage 

This work is deep, intense, releasing and profound! It is a detoxifying therapy and may be helpful for digestive disorders, hernia, reproductive issues, stress, depression, anxiety and some auto-immune disorders. In this therapy, specific organs, abdominal muscles, and points correlated to organs are worked with specific and deep pressure. The practitioner uses the awareness of Chi, or Life-Force Energy, to stimulate the movement and release of stagnant/negative energy and the clearing of toxins.

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